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Meeting in paradise

July 17, 2017

Welcome to The Music and the Flo blog! For almost a year and a half my girlfriend Flo and I have known each other. We have been on many adventures and have enjoyed a lot of fantastic experiences together since! We have decided to start this blog to share some of these stories with you! And considering there are so many exciting things to come in the near future, it seemed like the perfect time to start blogging.


However, before we start documenting the upcoming tour and our adventures in Europe this summer, we figured we’d share the story of how we met:


It was a warm summer day on a sweet island in New Zealand. I had taken a liking to the island after coming to the country on a year work and travel visa. It is a beautiful place, and I have made many long-term friends there, but it isn’t necessarily the place you hope to meet the love of your life.


I found myself on the island because a family friend and his family had moved there. I was in New Zealand, and thought I may as well contact him and see if he could hook me up with a place to stay in exchange for work… It went better than expected, and almost a year later I was still hanging out in paradise.


My visa was running up, and so I left the country for a northern hemisphere summer in Europe. I travelled around for a good three months, busking as I went to pay my way, and met some sweet people while hitchhiking through the Baltics down to Slovakia. I am still friends with some of them, which is mint! Always a pleasure to meet new folks along the way. When my 3 month tourist visa was up, I headed back to Canada and got to work with producer Anthony Strome on my first solo record.


Because I loved it so much, I was planning to head back to New Zealand again for another 3 months, this time on a 90 day tourist visa. Of course we were still finishing up the album right until a couple hours before I had to leave for the airport. (The same is true for the new album) But we got it finished up, leaving some loose ends for Anthony to deal with, and I made it back to paradise.



I had been back on the island for a month when my good buddy Gus decided to fly over from Canada to join me. He was going through some rough times, so I figured he should come join my good friends and I in the southern hemiphere... A month on the piss in the sun is always a good cure when you’re having a rough go.


Anyway, Gus and I had a gig with our friends, the Walkers, working for 4 hours a day in exchange for food and accommodation. On our other hours we made moonshine and played music with our other good friends. Life was pretty top shelf. (and still is for that matter)


However, there was one thing missing in my life. What could it possibly be? We had all the booze we could drink, all the sun we could soak up, the freshest air this planet has to offer and the best people we could hope to be around.


I didn’t yet realize it, but I would soon meet the best woman I could have ever hoped to meet.

Gus and I were now doing painting for the Walkers, making all of their windows and doors look sublime. It was a pretty excellent deal, because Teara would always make really tasty toasty sandwhiches, and other phenomenal chef food. Mmm I wish I was back there right now. 


We heard from Chris (the owner of the place we were working) that they were getting another female employee on board to help around the estate to get everything in order for an upcoming wedding. I was pretty stoked to have a lady around, and just to meet someone new in general. Although I had no idea what she would be like.


So one fine morning Gus and I were up on the roof doing our daily painting routine, rather greasy and hung over from the night before, and out of nowhere, I see an angel appear right before my eyes! I nearly fell off the roof, but managed to play it cool and keep myself together.


She walked on the lawn with Teara and looked up at us and said hey! I don’t think I was wearing a shirt, and I had some pretty haggard track pants on that were covered in paint, and not to mention there was paint splattered all over my body. However, it turns out that Flo must have fallen for my painter look, because now I’m sitting in Berlin writing this blog with her beside me.


It wasn’t actually all that easy though. I knew I had seen what some people would call a ‘unicorn’ and I had to capture her or else I’d regret it for the rest of my life. Efforts must be doubled! She was only kicking around the island for two weeks, so I had to move quickly if I wanted to woo her.


It was actually pretty mint timing, because Gus was scheduled to go on a furniture delivery mission to Auckland with old mate Kimbo. This would mean I was at a huge advantage and had plenty of time alone with Flo. I could take her to all the cool spots on the island.


We went hiking, jumped off a waterfall, I played her music on a secluded beach, we went swimming, and went to the beautiful hot pools by moonlight, where we were the only people there.


After all of these solo endeavours, I was still unsuccessful at getting any obvious attention, and I was beginning to get a little down. I wasn’t sure if she was in to me at all, but I figured what the hell, may as well keep trying.


We met Gus and Kim and our other pirate friends at the dock when they made it back to the island. It was actually perfect having Gus around, because when the two of us get together we have a pretty good sense of humour. Flo would be laughing non stop in our presence.


Things carried on pretty well, and time was flying by. The pinnacle of Flo’s stay on the island, would of course be the wedding, which was quickly approaching.  She, myself, and Gus would be working at it.


On the day of the wedding, Flo had a much different work load than Gus and myself. Gus and I had the task of making sure the bar was stocked with booze. We had already filled up a bunch of coolers and just had to make sure they stayed full so Sally, the bartender, could give the drinks out. It was the perfect job for us because it meant we could hang out behind the house drinking champagne and the odd beer that found it’s way into our hands.


Flo on the other hand, was working up a sweat cleaning the bathroom every hour or so, and running around making sure everything was clean and in order. We would have loved to help, but we didn’t want to over step our grounds and pursue a task that we were not adequately prepared to handle.


The night went well, overall, and the wedding was all good. Everybody was happy and had an excellent time.


As the night winded down, and the wedding party retired to slumber, the staff all deserved a drink. Gus and I were already a step ahead of them, but who are we to deny another round?


We all went down to the shed at the bottom of the hill so we wouldn’t disturb the wedding party. (they were now sleeping in the lodge where the wedding took place) Things carried on for a while like this, and I was making excellent conversation with Flo. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. So at the perfect moment, when no one else was nearby, we were deep in conversation, and I made my move.


The rest is history!


Well, sort of.

We ended up sleeping on a sleeping bag right near the gate to the lawn parking lot, where some people from the wedding would be going to get their cars in the morning. We weren’t intending to fall asleep, but hey that’s the way she goes sometimes.


Anyway, we were fortunate that Chris and Teara were the first ones to come down the next day. We woke up to Chris nudging me with his foot and laughing saying we needed to get up and head back to our sleeping hut before anyone came down.


We got up and walked up the laneway, where we had to head through the bushes towards our hut.

As we approached the hut, we could see Gus through the tree line.

The night before I remember bringing down a bottle of champagne and leaving it on the deck of our hut, before finding our final resting spot.


It turns out, Gus must have found that bottle, because when we looked through the tree line all we saw was him sitting on the deck taking a swig from the bottle. Somehow he also managed to start the propane cooker, find sausages and buns, and get them cooking. It was perfect, because I had a mean hunger on!


The day carried on in a similar fashion. This was our day off because we had done so much to prepare for the wedding, and we couldn’t be up at the main house while the wedding party was still lingering around.

It was an amazing night, followed by an equally amazing day.

But unfortunately Flo’s stay on the island was coming to an end.


A couple days later, Gus and I drove Flo up to Port Fitzroy where she would take her Ferry back to the mainland.

We said goodbye, and I really hoped it wouldn’t be for too long.


After she left, Gus and I each ordered the Double Whammy burger from the burger shack at the dock, (a huge burger that I can normally conquer with ease) but I couldn’t even finish it because I was too bummed Flo was gone. I had to give the last few bites to Gus, of course he was keen…..


Long story short, we kept in contact, she visited me in Canada, I’ve been back to Germany on many occasions, we travelled to Costa Rica, and here we are; drinking a fine German beer at a nice pub in Berlin, writing this blog.


It turns out that we are the perfect team. I’ve been writing songs, and just recorded a new album that I am incredibly proud of, and Flo has been busy booking a German tour for it. She has taken on the role as manager, and has been doing an amazing job. There are so many exciting things to come!


Cheers for reading, and look forward to more entries from The Music and the Flo.



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Meeting in paradise

July 17, 2017

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