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The Music and the Flo Part II: The start to a perfect summer

August 1, 2017

Welcome back to The Music and the Flo! In our last post we told the epic story of how we met and came to be in this excellent situation we are in. In this post we would like to bring things closer to the present.


Throughout the winter months Flo was busy planning a tour to promote the new album while Adam was busy recording it in Canada. Now our hard work is finally paying off and we have been enjoying many gigs and good times this summer in Germany, with many more to come.


The summer started off with Adam winning a radio contest in Berlin, which led to him being interviewed live on air the day after he got to Germany and includes a whole bunch of other exciting stuff. Good times!


After all the commotion of finishing the album and getting everything lined up for the summer tour, we felt like it was a good time to go hiking and clear our heads before diving into the big line up of gigs.


We went down to Berchtesgaden in Bavaria with a few close friends and (after approving the final mixes for the album minutes before we left for the hike) started our four day trek. The first day ended up being quite wet but we managed to reach our first accommodation after a few hours of hiking in the rain. Adam had – of course – carried a guitar up the mountain and we spent the afternoon and evening playing guitar, reading and drinking beer. It’s truly amazing that you can hike deep into the German wilderness, where no all terrain vehicles can drive, and they still have the best beer this planet has to offer on tap.


The next day was the longest hike of the trip but it made the beer taste even better when we made it to the next hut, where we fell asleep to the sound of what felt like a thousand cow bells ringing through the alps. This was of course due to the copious amount of cows that hang out all along the mountain side.


The third day we had awesome hiking weather and even though we went on a little involuntary detour, we were still the first of our group to reach the next stop. We sat down for our daily ‘Feierabendbier’ (end of the day beverage) and started talking to a German couple, Sebastian and Kati, who had pointed us in the right direction earlier in the day. The one beer quickly turned into many when we realized we were sitting with the international brew master of the legendary Hofbräuhaus München (probably the most renowned brewery in all of Bavaria)! He also turned out to be pretty good with directions because he was the one who had informed us of our involuntary detour earlier.

Adam strummed through a bunch of tunes and some students who were also on a hiking trip joined in on the jam with the house guitar. We kept rocking out and having a great time, as you would expect to have in the middle of the mountains with a bunch of good beer and good people.


As the night winded down and we were brushing our teeth in the bathroom, Sebastian joined us with some exciting information! He told us that he was planning on proposing to Kati two days later on top of the second highest mountain in Germany (update: she said Yes!). And since both of them had enjoyed Adam’s music tremendously (he even played ‘Follow Me Down’ that he wrote for his sister’s wedding next year), Sebastian asked Adam if he was keen to play at their wedding as well! Play some tunes at the international brew master’s wedding?? Count us in!!


The next day was our last day of hiking and we walked all the way back down to the beautiful Königssee. Farewell Bavaria, until next time!


After our return to Berlin we switched the rental car for Flo’s mom’s car and drove down to Wuppertal for the wedding of Flo’s cousin Jan. It was a bit of a rough journey getting down there as we didn’t account for a three hour traffic delay, and our GPS system dying a few kilometers from our destination, but we ended up arriving just as the ceremony started. Adam played a set, we ate some good food and rocked out to Rage Against the Machine until 3 in the morning.


In the coming days we released the new album to a well receiving audience. If you

haven’t listened to it yet, just click on the music section up above!

Adam played his first couple of concerts to start off the summer tour. Here are some impressions:


Adam performing to a full house at Periplaneta Literaturcafé in Prenzlauer Berg


At Madame Claude, an old brothel in Berlin Kreuzberg


Adam playing in a church at Sacred Ground Festival in Brandenburg

It was a rainy festival but we had an awesome time, especially since Chapin came for a visit!


Living room concert in Göttingen


At Birgit&Bier


It’s been a great start to the summer and we have played to some fabulous audiences. There are many more dates coming up so check out the tour schedule and come to one of the shows if you are around!


Adam also recently added another instrument to his ensemble:



Thanks for reading, we’ll be back with more stories soon!


Adam & Flo