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// Genre:  Indie-Folk-Pop, Singer-Songwriter
// Spotify: Over 8 million streams and 12.5k playlists including placements on Digster, Filter as well as "New Music Friday" Germany & Switzerland
// Songwriting: Adam has been featured on / co-written songs with artists such as B Young, NLSN, Henri Purnell, Meynberg, Mizmo, Goldbird, Thunder, Citna, Wave Wave, Pacific, Ruhde, Malibu Nights, Crew Cardinal, Charlie Grant, Shavi, Dominic Donner & John Skyfield.
// YouTube: 14 official music videos with over 500.000 views in total
// Live: Toured Germany, Canada, Australasia with over 400 concerts in the past three years; played festivals such as Open Flair, Live at Heart and Kingsville Folk; Played support for Matt Mays, The Arkells, Post Animal, Ryan Sheridan
// Radio: Germany, Canada and New Zealand - including stations such as CBC Radio, radioeins, Deutschlandfunk Kultur & Bremen Eins, Fritz, Okerwelle, Erin Radio, Alex  & Seaside.
// Print: Akustik Gitarre, guitar acoustic, Folker, Good Times, Goderich Signal Star, MAZ
// Online: Balcony TV, Berlin Sessions, Småll Sessions, numerous blogs such as Spinnup Introducing, A&R Factory, Tuneloud, Soundjungle, Ear to the Ground and many more

Adam Wendler is a multi-instrumentalist from Ontario, Canada, currently based in Berlin, Germany. Ever since picking up the guitar at the age of 15, he has been writing songs, dedicated to sharing his music with the world.
Adam has independently put out multiple full-length albums before releasing his latest single ‘Thin Ice’ with Motor Music (February 2021). He is known for having no musical boundaries; blending pop elements with folk, country, indie and a touch of rock, he’s got something for everyone.
Adam has received critical acclaim for his many thought provoking and elaborate music videos and has had his live performances featured on YouTube channels such as Balcony TV and Berlin Sessions. Several of his songs have ranked in the Singer-Songwriter iTunes charts leading to airplay on national radio in both Canada and Germany.
Adam's one-man-band setup involves acoustic guitar, his distinct vocal, a harmonica, loop station and foot percussion. His performances are both captivating and diverse - combining soft finger-picking with hard strumming, he draws acute attention from his audience. Adam has toured Germany and Canada extensively and has played major festivals in Europe and North America such as Open Flair, Live at Heart and Kingsville Folk Music Festival. Being only one man, Adam has proven that he can keep large crowds in awe, opening for artists such as Matt Mays, the Arkells and Ryan Sheridan. With his ever-growing setup, he has managed to replicate the sound of a full band, performing as a solo artist.
Since 2018 Adam has also been continuously collaborating with songwriters and producers in the European music scene, featuring on tracks by artists such as B Young, Meynberg, Henri Purnell and Pacific.
His dedication is second to none and he is committed to taking his music as far as it can go.


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